About us

Matchmaking for coders - why?

Staying true to your goals is not easy. It's even more difficult if there's no colleague, no boss or fitness trainer pushing and encouraging you … most of us are master procrastinators and need an accountability partner, peers, a partner in crime and / or deadlines to keep motivated and get things done.

Programming is no exception to this and learning to program even less so. With all the resources available online, the only struggle we need to overcome to reach our learning goals is ... within ourselves!

girl at laptop frustrated
girl at laptop smiling

Codum's founder Isabella has experienced the struggle of self-teaching herself. Having had enough from lonely and frustrating online courses in late 2020, she teamed up with Rachel for pair-programming. They've had a “long-distance” coding relationship from Germany to New Zealand and hit it off right from the start! Not only did their motivation and productivity rise, but also did they get along well. So well that they started building a matching algorithm and simple interface to help others find their coding match. Codum 0.0 was born.

This is where Codum started. We connect programmers of all levels to share, enjoy and accelerate their coding journey. Why? Because we believe in the power of synergy where 1 + 1 = 3 when combining the right forces. With the right partner in crime anyone can learn to code.

Codum's brand values

Nurture the community

Community is at the heart of everything we do. Nourish the health of our community where everyone is encouraged to learn and give back.

Listen and empower

Build trust and understanding by listening actively, respecting and embracing diversity of viewpoints. Practice blameless accountability.

Be curious

Set a growth mindset, take on challenges and learn from them. Aim for personal and professional growth.

Be transparent

To foster meaningful relationships within and outside the company, act and communicate openly and with integrity.