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Matchmaking for techies - why?

Staying true to your goals is not easy. It's even more difficult if there's no-one pushing and encouraging you … most of us are master procrastinators and need an accountability partner, peers, a partner in crime and / or deadlines to keep motivated and get things done.

Programming is no exception to this and learning to code even less so. With all the resources available online, the only struggle we need to overcome to reach our learning goals is ... within ourselves!

This is why Codum started. We connect programmers of all levels to share, enjoy and accelerate their coding journey. Why? Because we believe in the power of synergy where 1 + 1 = 3 when combining the right forces. With the right partner in crime anyone can learn to code.

Our Team

Isabella Hoesch - founder and CEO
Isabella Hoesch

Co-founder & CEO

“I fell in love with data and problem-solving with code just after graduating from business school. And let's just say, I've been hooked ever since. Thanks to my coding buddy my self-teaching journey - and my life! - took on a new turn! Our motivation and productivity soared, and before we knew it, we were building a matching algorithm and simple interface to help others find their coding match.
Codum 0.0 was born.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm also a fan of writing, learning in general and I recharge by getting active in the beautiful outdoors.“

Tatjana Hoesch
Tatjana Hoesch

Co-Founder & COO

“Once upon a time, I was a scaredy-cat when it came to coding. But then I found a buddy to learn with, and suddenly coding wasn't so scary. Now I'm the newbie coder on this team, using my basic skills to make life more efficient and understand tech better. #newbiecode”

Jonatan Paula
Jonatan Paula

Social Media Hero

“Even though in my school days I avoided everything math involved and chose a non-tech career; I took some coding lessons about programming logic and C++. I was amazed because just by playing around with a few things, you can build all kinds of interesting stuff. At that time, I felt it was a little late to move on to programming because I was about to finish college. After graduating and having gained some corporate experience, curiosity kept me interested in software development and I asked a friend to teach me programming.
The spark ignited and since then, I kept learning and being involved in tech-related online communities.
Apart from this, I enjoy nature and being nerdy playing video-games and talking about almost everything related to epic fantasy. ”

Cristian Bell
Cristian Bell

Co-Founder & CTO

“First time I wrote a piece of useful code was when I successfully modified a game I was playing. After I wrote code to feed my (computer) games addiction.
Since then I’ve learned a thing or two about software, hardware and maybe most important about software built with real user focus.

On this journey I had some unwavering buddies and a few amazing mentors. I can recommend anyone undertaking any kind of journey to “buddy up” for it.
Not only your chances of success are higher, but it will most likely be more fun!”







Our Mission

Our mission is to support and inspire anyone, worldwide, to shift into tech. No matter their gender, origin and background.

Our Vision

Codum’s vision is to empower every individual worldwide to grow in tech while contributing towards a more diverse workforce.

Our Values

Nurture the community

Community is at the heart of everything we do. Nourish the health of our community where everyone is encouraged to learn and give back.

Be curious

Set a growth mindset, take on challenges and learn from them. Aim for personal and professional growth.

Listen and empower

Build trust and understanding by listening actively, respecting and embracing diversity of viewpoints. Practice blameless accountability.

Be transparent

To foster meaningful relationships within and outside the company, act and communicate openly and with integrity.

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