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Codum matches tech enthusiasts on all levels with an accountability partner to learn and to build kick-ass projects together.

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Codum currently covers buddy-matching for coders in Web development or Data science, focusing on Python, Ruby, R, Javascript, HTML&CSS and SQL.

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Our ambitious learners with big tech goals ...







Member stories

My buddy has helped me prepare for my new job. We were both job-hunting - practicing interview questions together and supporting each other made the difference.


My buddy brought a whole different repertoire of knowledge to our sessions. Thanks to my buddy I am feeling much more comfortable to code on my own and am excited about all the possibilities that are open to me now. I made a long-lasting friend and can't wait to meet her in person one day:).

Dominican Republic

I'm a founder and wanted to skill up to better understand our dev team! Life is chaotic but my buddy helped me build consistency and progress on my tech learning goals.


I'm a designer who just graduated from a bootcamp because I wanted to understand frontend developers better. My buddy helped me polish my portfolio. We get along really well and are still building together.


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