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Codum matches tech enthusiasts on all levels with an accountability partner to learn, to grow, and to build kick-ass projects together.

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How it works

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Create your profile with just a few clicks. Share your objectives, interests, and availability with us to help us find your best buddy. While you wait to get matched, get inspired by other learners’ diverse backgrounds and learning motivations and dive into the communities recommended resources.

Learn & build at your own pace

Work with your buddy for 4-weeks towards your goals. Whether this means completing a course together, building an app, or simply holding each other accountable for your individual goals - it's up to you and your buddy! You can stick with your buddy or get matched anew after 4 weeks.

Tech topics we cover

Codum users are ambitious learners in Web development, Data science, and low/no-code tools & skills such as prompt engineering. The programming languages our community focuses on are Python, Ruby, R, Javascript, HTML&CSS, SQL, Java, PHP, Rust, React, .NET, Dart, Kotlin, Node.js.







Progressing with Codum

Codum matches tech enthusiasts on all levels with an accountability partner to learn, to grow, and to build kick-ass projects together.

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Member stories

My buddy has helped me prepare for my new job. We were both job-hunting - practicing interview questions together and supporting each other made the difference.


My buddy brought a whole different repertoire of knowledge to our sessions. Thanks to my buddy I am feeling much more comfortable to code on my own and am excited about all the possibilities that are open to me now. I made a long-lasting friend and can't wait to meet her in person one day :).

Dominican Republic

I'm a founder and wanted to skill up to better understand our dev team! Life is chaotic but my buddy helped me build consistency and progress on my tech learning goals.


I'm a designer who just graduated from a bootcamp because I wanted to understand frontend developers better. My buddy helped me polish my portfolio. We get along really well and are still building together.


My buddy was so helpful and understanding, even when I was sick, she was there for me all through.


We worked on Time Series data analysis together! We completed quizzes, addressed content gaps and brainstormed a stock analysis web app project. Now I know how to address forecasting questions, which will be especially helpful for finance-leaning and machine-learning engineering roles.


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Frequently asked questions

An accountability partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship where two individuals commit to regularly checking in with each other to help each other achieve their goals and stay accountable to their commitments. At Codum this involves sharing progress updates, exchanging knowledge, providing support, and offering encouragement and motivation. Depending on your and your buddies’ goals it may grow into a collaboration for mutual project-building (e.g. for your portfolio).

Buddies that are matched across the world often struggle to find meeting dates when located in different time zones. We ask for your location because it helps us look for a buddy in a similar time zone. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your city, feel free to tell us your state or country only. Please be aware that if you come from a big country, this might make it harder for us to find a buddy in a time zone close to yours.

We are a small team of individuals, spread across the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany. What connects us is the passion for lifelong learning, and the mission to empower self-directed and affordable learning for everyone. We are just starting out and happy to grow with your feedback. If you like what we are doing and want to get involved, shoot us a message:!

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