7 Must-Have Free Coding Resources for Newbies

It’s easy to get lost in the resource jungle, so we’ve done the curating for you

There are tons of free coding resources out there. 

This is a blessing and a curse.

Here at Codum, we love recommending the best resources to learn coding. So much so, we’ve curated our list of favourites. We want newbie coders to start coding as soon as possible!

So if you’re starting out with data science or web development, here are seven must-have free coding resources you should check out.

#1: Tech with Tim - Python and Javascript

Tim is an Ex-Microsoft Software Engineering Intern who runs a YouTube channel with over 800k subscribers. 

He started coding at the age of 12 and immediately fell in love! His passion for teaching quickly led him to creating YouTube videos, where he primarily focuses on programming tutorials. 

Since launching the channel in 2014, he’s helped millions of developers learn how to code and sharpen their programming skills. 

It’s not just through his channel that he’s bringing value. On his site, he has numerous free guides on Python and JavaScript, with every tutorial consisting of videos and text.

We love Tim’s free coding resources!

#2: Corey Schafer - Python, Git, Development Environments, Terminal Commands, SQL, Programming, Terms, JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals, and more

Corey was late to the programming game.

In college, he took a degree in computer science, but he didn’t take it seriously. He wasn’t doing side projects or using coding in real-world applications.

“It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I randomly applied to an internship for NASA at Kennedy Space Center and started to take programming seriously. To my surprise, I was chosen for the internship. Imposter syndrome set in full-force on day one. I was definitely out of my league.” - Corey Schafer

The longer he worked there, the more he realized these people weren’t superhuman. They’d just put in the work. He realised if he put his mind to it, he could too. 

It’s this drive and willingness to learn that has propelled his YouTube channel. He teaches people a range of programming skills, and has over 935K subscribers.

#3: Code with Ania Kubów - JavaScript, React, React-Native, Next.js. Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Serverless Functions, Database work, and more

Ania is a software developer who quit the rat race to focus on her YouTube channel. It now has over 273K subscribers! She teaches others how to code by building retro games and projects, and she’s also part of the core team at FreeCodeCamp.

Born in Poland and raised in the UAE, she graduated from Dubai College majoring in maths, physics, and design tech before moving to the UK to study. In a previous life, she worked as a financial broker in Singapore.

On her channel, she teaches many programming languages, and she does so in a way that’s highly engaging. Here at Codum, we’re a big fan of her free coding resources!

#4: Data Professor - Data science explainer videos and tutorials

Chanin Nantasenamat, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Bioinformatics at Mahidol University, Thailand. At the university, he leads a data science research laboratory. 

Chanin and his team want to learn the secrets of big data in medicine. He has more than 15 years of experience in data science and has published more than 100 research articles, review articles, and book chapters.

Data Science, machine learning, and bioinformatics are Chanin’s passions. 

His YouTube channel helps students and data enthusiasts learn about data science and how it can be used in the real world. The channel teaches through explainer videos and practical tutorials.

#5: The Odin Project

Away from YouTube channels, there are a bunch of helpful websites to teach newbie coders.

One such example is The Odin Project. This option pulls together some of the best content for turning coding newbies into self-taught programmers.

Founded in 2013, the project is completely open source on Github. This means anyone can work on new features or fix existing bugs on the website. This also extends to the curriculum itself. Anyone can work on new lessons, add new resources, and improve existing lessons.

The project is designed to fill in the gap for people who are trying to hack it on their own but still want a high quality education. It doesn’t disappoint! This is another free coding resource we love to recommend here at Codum.

#6: Codewars

Codewars is a coding practice website for all programming levels.

On their website, they have a community of over 3 million developers. Top creators on the platform aim to help the community achieve mastery through coding challenges. You can think of these like games.

The Codewars creators know their stuff and there are available skills in over 55 programming languages!

#7: Programiz

If you’re looking for another site that’ll teach you coding for free, Programiz is a great option.

You can learn to code with its beginner-friendly tutorials. You can also do so by reading examples, writing programs, and running code.

Over 4.9 million monthly users rely on Programiz to learn programming, and the team of passionate developers behind the company have put together courses in 11 different languages. 

You can also learn programming on the go with their mobile apps. 

Nice touch!


Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been in the game a while, these free coding resources are a must-have. They will help set you up for success.

As a quick summary, they are:

#1: Tech with Tim - Python and Javascript

#2: Corey Schafer - Python, Git, Development Environments, Terminal Commands, SQL, Programming, Terms, JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals, and more

#3: Code with Ania Kubów - JavaScript, React, React-Native, Next.js. Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Serverless Functions, Database work, and more

#4: Data Professor - Data science explainer videos and tutorials

#5: The Odin Project

#6: Codewars

#7: Programiz

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